Intelligent Transportation Solutions

An Indian based firm emerging to be one of the leading organizations to provide competent & intelligent solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of public transport corporations.

Key Features

  • Indigenous AFC solution with Online ETMs & Bus Validators integrated with DCU.
  • Solution works on all leading POS devices.
  • Multiple Fare Media Supported – Cash, Contact-less Smart Cards, NCMC, EMV & RuPay Cards, M-Wallet and NFC.
  • Designed to scale and suitable for large transport operators.
  • Proven solution with integrity of transactions and high data availability.

Solution Features

  • Web based interface with version control for fares, stops, routes etc.
  • Facilitates waybill management, pre-printed ticket inventory management, auditing & cash collection.
  • Supports various kinds of ticketing such as Adult, Child, Concession etc. as well as passes such as Senior Citizen, Student etc.
  • Provides dashboard for monitoring performance of online devices & transactions.
  • Analytical MIS reports to improve passenger convenience.
  • A complete suit of software for smart-card management.

ETM Validator Features

  • EMV, PCI PTS certified device.
  • Tamper proof security with local backup and recovery options in case of failure.
  • Supports type A/B & EMV contact-less smart cards.
  • Can be used for both Online & Offline ticketing.
  • Over the Air upgrades of fare, stops, routes etc.

Automated Fare Collection System

Reliable, Flexible, Scalable & High Performing Solution that can meet the diverse needs of Transport Corporations.


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Vehicle Tracking Solution

  • Define Route Path with Stops for Vehicles.
  • Create Geo-Fence for stops, terminals and depots.
  • Web based interface to track the buses live 24/7.
  • Alerts via SMS and E-Mail during speeding, route deviations and Geo-Fence violation.
  • Replay travel path of bus.
  • Dashboard with latest information of the vehicle.
  • Various MIS and Exception reports to efficiently manage the fleet.

Valuable Features

  • Integration with Driver Console App to optimize the operations on road by assisting the drivers to follow a defined path and schedule.
  • Mobile App for the passenger with real time information of time tables, vehicle location & ETA.
  • Driver Console App to optimize the operations by intelligently assisting the driver in following a defined path and schedule.
  • Easy mechanism to integrate GPS devices of vendors across the world.
  • Solution open to customization for specific requirements for schools, corporate etc.

Vehicle Tracking System

Innovative Solution for Transport Corporation to Monitor, Manage and Track the entire fleet easily and efficiently


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Bus stop, Terminal & in Bus Display Boards

  • LED/LCD display boards for bus stops, stations & terminals to provide real time and planned schedules of vehicles.
  • In-Bus LCD screens to provide information to commuters such as Current Stop & Next Stop plus create non-fare based revenue by providing Ads for each route/trip.
  • Destination LED display boards on the front, rear & side to provide information such as vehicle number & route information for passengers outside.
  • Display units supporting multi-lingual fonts in English and regional languages.
  • Central Management System for controlling and monitoring all the displays deployed irrespective of the location.
  • Displays with ability to withstand vibration and harsh environment conditions.

Mobile Application

  • Mobile application for passengers to provide timetable of the buses schedule in real time.
  • Scheduled time of arrival of buses based on passenger location or of the chosen stop.
  • Live location of the bus along with ETA to a stop as well as ETD from a stop for a chosen bus on integration with GPS devices.
  • Integration with maps to provide live location & tracking of the bus.
  • Mobile Application is available on popular platforms such as Android and iOS.
  • Options to insert Ads and content to create non-fare revenue.

Valuable Features

  • Intelligent brightness control for LED display boards deployed at Bus Terminals & Bus Stops.
  • ‘Over the Air’ software upgrade feature for displays/
  • Display ad-hoc messages such as video, graphical and emergency messages from the control center.
  • Facilitates Ads inside the bus based on the location of the bus and pre-stored advertisements.
  • Display pre-stored Ads or pre-stored messages on the Displays at Stops & Terminals.
  • Integration with Audio announcements inside the Bus.
  • Designation displays is integration with Driver Console to feed in Real Time Information on subsequent route details at a bus stop.

Passenger Information System

Ingenious technology to create Non-Fare revenues to Transit organizations by creating awareness to passengers availing travel services with our Mobile App and Display Solutions.