Digital signage is one of the most effective and eye-catching communication medium in the market. Convinced by the vibrant colors and sharp resolutions that a Digital Display Board provides, industries such as Hospitality, Travel, Restaurants, Retail, Healthcare, Advertising and Education have opted this for their internal and external communication purposes.
We offer a wide range of Digital screens; including LED walls, LCD video walls, Floor standing and hanging screens powered with our own Digital Signage player and integrated software to enable a wide variety of applications, optimized for the key vertical markets.

Key Features

  • Available in Indoor and Outdoor types.
  • Plug and Play system for easy installation.
  • Available in multiple variants.
  • Interfaced with a web based Content Management Software.
  • Operates on WiFi, Ethernet & USB.
  • Interfaced made possible with multiple information sources.
  • The system uses our own in-built signage media player for Content management on the screens.
  • Available in custom sizes and shapes.


  • Floor Standing Vertical Digital Signage
  • Wall mounted Horizontal and Vertical Signage.
  • Table top Digital Signage.
  • Transit Digital Signage with Anti-vibration and IP rating.
  • Digital Posters.
  • Ceiling mount, hanging types Signage etc.

Value Added Features

  • Integrate multiple types of signage media into one single network of displays managed from a central resource.
  • Manage the content on the screen remotely.
  • Mobility for typical Applications.
  • Turn any screen such as monitors, televisions into a visual information system.
  • Up to 3 Years warranty on the hardware of the screen and promising service through AMC.

Digital Signage Products

A wide range of signage products embedded with our own signage technology. Our signage products are supplied by world’s best suppliers and assure long life of the products with after sales service.


  • Available in indoor and outdoor types.
  • Outdoor screens are water-proof and come with solid enclosure.
  • Available in P2.5, P3, P4, P6, P8 and P10 Pitch sizes.
  • Interfaced with a web based content management software.
  • Operates on WiFi, Ethernet and USB storage.
  • Integration made possible with multiple information sources.
  • Available in custom sizes and shapes.

Benefits of LED Wall

  • A permanent alternate for Banners and Flexes.
  • Easy maintenance and service from India
  • 100% Make-in-India Technology.
  • Our screens can deliver the content effectively to the viewers, even on a bright and sunny day.
  • Can be used for various applications such as Advertising and Information Display at public places.

Value Adding Features

  • Integrate multiple LED walls across the locations to form a Network of Displays.
  • Manage the content on the screen remotely.
  • Mobility of the screen for typical Applications.
  • Turn the screen into a live telecast zone with AUM’s own plug and play hardware.
  • Upto 5 years warranty on the hardware of the screen and promising service through AMC.

LED Video Wall

Innovative Solution for Public Transport Corporation to Monitor, Manage and Track the entire fleet easily and efficiently

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RFID powered Smart Retail Display

An RFID powered Visual Communication medium designed to the needs of retail and event industry. This technology bets on bringing down the HR overheads.
A brand new development by AUM Infotech is a boon to the retail sector. The typical application upholds the digitization of information in the selling ecosystem. The prospect in a retail store shall no more seek information from a sales person but simply pick a product from the rack and place the chosen product on an NFC device to experience an Audio-Visual Demo of the Product. The innovative technology of the system enables the retailer to add or remove the product information in the store display using our web based software interface.
Salient Features
- Tap or pick the product and know the product details.
- Manage the content on the screen remotely
- 100% Make-In-India Solution
- Compatible with any screen

Video Wall Solution

A perfect visual Communication Medium designed for Corporate Spaces, Retail stores and Board rooms. With our solution, turn any number of screens into a giant display.
Video walls are a perfect and advanced alternative for traditional projector screens. Combination of two or more screens, televisions or monitors to form a large single screen creates an aesthetically appealing video wall. Our impeccable and cost effective made in India Technology envisions to empower small to large players of various Industries by offering world class solution at economic prices
Salient Features
- Combine any number and types of screens to form a huge appealing display.
- HDMI, USB and WiFi assistance.
- 100% Make-In-India Solution,
- Up to 3 years of warranty on hardware.
- Easy and quick installation.

Digital Signage Software

A reliable and Economic Software Solution with scheduling, grouping and Content Management for all kinds of Digital Signage.
Features of our Digital Signage Software
- Web based Software Interface with Mobile App.
- Single to Multi-user login configuration.
- Attractive Dashboard with features to check on the live status of the signage screens.
- Message management interface to upload video and image formats.
- Scheduling Features to plan the broadcast of content, second to second basis.
- Integration friendly with multiple information sources.
- Grouping of multiple screens for one-click content distribution.
- Available with cloud servers or can be hosted on client's premises.

Software Packages

Free Plan

Available with purchase of Hardware
    • Single-user Login Access.
    • Image and Video upload.
    • Cloud Storage up-to 100MB per device.
    • Dashboard Services.
    • Applicable to a limit of 5 devices per user.

Basic Plan

    • Multi-user Login Access.
    • Image and Video upload.
    • Cloud storage up to 500MB per device.
    • Dashboard services.
    • Scheduling features.
    • Frequency setting features.
    • Screen Grouping features.
    • Automatic Updates.

Premium Plan

    • Multi user login access.
    • Image and Video upload.
    • Cloud storage up to 1GB per device.
    • Dashboard Services.
    • Scheduling features.
    • Frequency setting features.
    • Screen Grouping features.
    • Automatic updates.
    • Third party information integration.
    • Multi-content screening.

    and many more…

We provide 100% industry specific custom solutions with Digital Signage for sectors such as Public Transport, Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail, Restaurant, Education and Advertising. The industry specific custom solutions will also be hosted in the Client Server for ease of operations